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Business Restructuring & Turnaround

Reestrutração Empresarial

Today's economic and business environments are increasingly unstable and uncertain for most business sectors. The possibility of a company being profitable and profitable, and quickly seeing this situation reverse, becoming loss-making, indebted, and even becoming insolvent is increasingly common in the market.

Such situations can occur due to issues of market myopia, lack of controls, investments that did not work, poor management of working capital, family crises, change in government policies, poor business strategy, reduction in market demand, recession, obsolescence of its products, new entrants, high financial cost, inappropriate capital sources, substitute products and tax change among many factors.

Even seeing these problems and often the solutions for them, most of the time it is very difficult to conduct these change processes internally.

Corporate restructuring services "Turnaround" the Valini Consulting, are designed to help companies that are in deep economic and financial crisis, and those that have low performance or difficulties to overcome operational issues that prevent them from growing back and sanitize your financial problems.

We work alongside our clients, analyzing the current situation and the root causes of problems, advising, taking on leadership and management roles to promote change. We negotiate with stakeholders, restructure organizations and implement new information technology processes and controls.

Our first priority is to identify the strategic, operational, organizational and financial leverages that will deliver a rapid and positive impact. Our approach is results-oriented and supported by well-documented tools, benchmarks and methodologies.
Combining a strategic perspective with disciplined implementation, we help our clients through the most challenging crises.

Aconselhamento jurídico

Our Business Turnaround Consulting Services include :

liquidity management

In a recovery situation, seeking liquidity is one of our first priorities. We work with advanced tools, techniques and models to understand and act surgically on points of improvement for the company's financial health.

  • Short-term cash management and monitoring

  • cash flow forecast

  • Liquidity improvement initiatives

  • working capital management

  • Supplier management

Gestão de Liquidez

Operational Improvement

Companies in crisis often face underlying strategic challenges and cost or process issues that are causing the business to deteriorate. These can arise from internal and external sources, and are often not readily apparent. Our corporate consulting team is experienced in identifying the root causes of a company's downfall and developing and implementing solutions to address them, improving both short-term and long-term business prospects.

  • Strategic Assessment

  • Analysis and development of business plans

  • Asset revaluation

  • Cost realignment

  • Business process improvement

  • Performance Improvement Initiatives

  • Metrics, measurement and responsibility

  • Benchmarking

Reestruturação sistemica

Restructuring and Turnaround

Turnarounds are highly complex and occasionally chaotic processes, often involving multiple parties, planning, analysis, and a high degree of coordination across numerous workflows. Our experience allows us to support and guide our clients' teams in times of crisis and manage the daily operations of the business and the successful revitalization of the company.

  • Development and execution of recovery strategies

  • financial modeling

  • Negotiations with interested parties

  • contingency planning

  • Bankruptcy related services

  • Recovery and Reorganization Plans

  • Interim crisis management

  • Recovery and Reorganization Plans

  • Stabilization of cash flow and cost control

  • Cash Forecasting and Planning

  • working capital management

  • Business valuations and analysis

  • Supplier Management and Negotiations

  • bank negotiations

  • Debt and equity restructuring

  • Extrajudicial recovery

Capital Solutions

In restructuring processes, much more than just operational improvements is often needed. In most cases, there is a need to change its asset structure, such as sale, deactivation of loss-making business units, concentration of activities in only one production unit, in addition to seeking incremental working capital. Our team has extensive experience in negotiating with creditors and also in finding investors.

  • Search for investors

  • Balance sheet deleveraging

  • Creditor Negotiations

  • Collateral Evaluation

  • Optimization of the capital structure

  • Debt restructuring

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