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Financial Forest

Your financial projection is your business plan in numbers. Many business owners and entrepreneurs find that preparing a financial forecast is the most daunting aspect of developing a "Business Plan" business plan.

Preparing a good financial projection requires knowledge that goes beyond the elaboration of a simple spreadsheet in Excel. It requires knowledge of financial modeling, corporate finance, accounting, tax issues, marketing, and most importantly, experience from consultants who already know numerous business models and business segments that can help you in this task.


Whether you are starting a small business or a high-growth technology venture, we can help you prepare an appropriate financial model for your specific situation.

Our financial modeling process will distill the essence of your business into a manageable number of core assumptions and cause-and-effect relationships so you can distinguish between what's important and what's not.

Our most complete financial model is a powerful tool to help you visualize how your company's finances will evolve, month by month.

We can customize our financial forecasting model to suit any type of business, or create a new financial model from scratch, depending on the circumstances. The process is as artistic as it is scientific and we have the necessary experience to assist you.

When customizing the template for your company the following guiding principles:

  • We developed assumptions that simplified your decision-making process in your business model. This will allow you and your team to focus on relevant numbers with great possibility of simulation;

  • We establish cause-and-effect relationships so that when a variable changes, everything that depends on that variable will also change.

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Some contents of our more complex models:

  • Income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement;

  • Monthly details with quarterly and yearly summaries.

  • Assumptions are color coded, documented and organized by category;

  • Extensive error checking to help detect errors quickly;

  • Create a PDF of the entire template with just one click.

  • Operating expenses grouped by department;

  • KPI's, such as revenue per employee, so you can benchmark against industry standards.

  • Sensitivity analysis;

  • Monte Carlo simulation;

  • Statistical projections.

Other services related to finance:

Valini Consulting provides other services related to finance:

  • Capital Formation Strategy : We can assess growth opportunities for your business plan and help you develop an appropriate capital formation strategy. In doing so, we analyze your capital needs, assess your capital structure and identify appropriate sources of capital (friends and family, Angel Investors, venture capital, secured loans, bank financing, internal cash flow, etc.)

  • Valuation: We can help you estimate the value of a business for the purposes of an investment, sale, merger or acquisition. Please refer to our valuation services page for more details " Business Rating" .

  • Risk Analysis and Management: What can go wrong in our business, and what can you do about it? Every business faces a unique set of risks. Identifying, analyzing and mitigating these risks can provide peace of mind and a strong competitive advantage. We can help you identify and quantify these risks through a risk audit and the development of sophisticated risk models. Some of the techniques we can employ include developing Monte Carlo simulation models so that you can visualize the full range of potential results.

  • Spreadsheet audit: You have built a complex spreadsheet. Are you sure it is error free? Would you bet on her? Almost every spreadsheet we've examined has at least one significant flaw (and numerous minor flaws). We are experts in finding and fixing problems, so let us help!

  • Other Financial Analyzes: We can help with a wide variety of other financial and statistical analyses, from product profitability analyses, to evaluating new opportunities, to Monte Carlo simulations and scenario analyses. If it can be done in a spreadsheet, we can do it.

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