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company producing tangerines w.murcott



Full sale or strategic investment

Field of Activity:

Agribusiness - Production of W Murcott Tangerines

Investment Profile:

  • Since the 90's in production, when the implementation of citrus fruit orchards began;

  • Lifecycle: in the maturity stage with expansion opportunities;

  • Strategically located in the interior of the state of São Paulo;

  • National performance with exports to Europe, North America and Asia.

Tangerine producer W. Murcott Afourer with activities started in the 90's, a reference in its business segment. Focused on premium products, it has always excelled in quality fruit, meeting the demanding standards of the international market.

Business Description:

Product line:

Production of export type W. Morcott Afourer tangerines.


Competitive advantage

  • Distribution in the national and international market.

  • Added value product with differentials in relation to competitors.

  • Recognized and respected brand.

  • Production capacity.

  • Market Leadership.

  • Technical and structural capacity.

  • Lean cost structure.

  • Possibility of business expansion.

  • It has its own Packing-house system.

Vantagem Competitiva

Other information


The company is inserted in a market of premium products with national and international distribution. High added value product.


The production is carried out on a property in the interior of the state of São Paulo, in an area of 127ha with 70 thousand 12-year-old plants.

  • The entire property is supplied by the Fertirriego company's fertigation system.

  • It has the capacity to expand the volume of water, and the pipeline and the reservoir support the supply of up to three times the current area.

  • Planting is carried out in windbreak curtains with 0.5 ha each module.

  • The rootstock is Lemon Clove, Sitronelo swingle and Tangerina Sunki.

  • The company has the GLOBAL GAP certificate (private voluntary certification protocol) with international recognition of Good Agricultural Practices GAP. This certification aims to increase consumer confidence in food safety, demonstrating the producer's commitment to food safety and sustainability.

Net Revenue and Ebitda Projection


Additional information

Those interested in analyzing this business opportunity should contact us so that we can forward a confidentiality agreement that must be signed and returned to Valini Consulting.

Please contact us at (11) 3373-7501 (16) 4141-3091 or send us an email. It will be a pleasure to serve you!

Luis Valini

(11) 3373-7501

(16) 4141-3091

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