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Finance and Treasury


Valini & Associados, through its consultants, structures its treasury department regardless of the size of your company. We prepare projects that range from initial formatting to partial or total reorganization of the department. We also work on reviewing and improving controls and processes, implementing systems, improving credit lines and interim management.

Initially diagnose the challenges of your organization, we point out the opportunities and traced together with the board of the company line of action which may involve the following:

  • cash flow management

  • support systems

  • decision systems

  • cash and liquidity management

  • Credit lines

  • Currency and Commodity Risk Management

  • working capital management

  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Management

  • Structuring the corporate treasury and its support infrastructure, technology, controls and reporting, processes, strategies and organizational structure.


Below are some warning points that can help you identify if you need outside help.

• The cost of your bank fees is higher than the average of your competitors.
• Your financial information does not match accounting information.
• Your exposure to financial risk is greater than you are willing to take.
• Working capital usage remains high compared to its competitors.
• You don't reconcile statements daily.
• Your service flow is always late.
• Has no cash flow.
• Information is unreliable.
• The company's ERP system reports don't match.
• Poor qualification of employees.
• Excess payment of interest to suppliers.
• Deadline mismatch.
• High financial cost.
• Not having structured credit lines.
• Excessive customer delays.
• The operational areas' hedging needs are observed late.
• The treasury is unable to check the availability of cash for the next few days.
• Concentrated payments.
• Purchasing vs. Financial department are not integrated....


How can we help you:

Management of financial resources and liquidity

  • Understanding the process and implementing systems to manage your company's financial resources and liquidity. It includes the processes of planning and budgeting, controls, management and reporting, simplification and recommendations for banking relationships, centralization of cash, balancing of resources and payment services.

Financial risk management

  • Business understanding through methodologies to identify, measure, analyze, report and manage risks related to currency, commodities and interest rate, and improve current processes.

working capital management

  • Improved management of accounts receivable, inventories and suppliers with a view to releasing resources from operational activities.

Corporate treasury structuring

  • Understanding the business and processes for the implementation of a corporate treasury that incorporates policies, controls, strategies, infrastructure, processes, methodologies and systems.

Outsourcing your accounts payable and receivable

  • We take on the operational management of your accounts payable and receivable through our professionals in order to reorganize processes, improve controls and improve working capital management.

Cash flow

  • We implement cash flow models that best suit your day-to-day management.

Process reorganization and manualization

  • We map all processes in order to organize the treasury sector, improve controls and improve day-to-day management.

To learn more about our way of working, contact us on the phone below or by email.

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