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Pricing - Strategic Price Management


Competitiveness has required companies to continually seek to improve quality in all processes and activities they perform, seeking to obtain acceptance of their products and/or services and achieve not only permanence in the market they operate, but also other desired goals .

Some of the aspects that strongly impact the achievement of these goals are those that concern the analysis of costs and their influence on decisions that impact the formation of the selling price.

These decisions aimed at defining the selling price involve aspects that are often analyzed empirically, based on historical or subjective data and information, with only some scientific basis.

This type of analysis and decision no longer meets the needs that competitiveness has brought, especially in periods of recession and crisis, when demand drops significantly, and the so-called “price fight” dominates the environment. This fact allows, for example, the existence of two companies with the same physical structure and financial resources, charging very different prices.

It can be seen then that the sale price can no longer be the object of empirical decisions, but, above all, an object of study, which makes it necessary to know all the elements that compose it, whether internal or external.

In order to know these elements that make up the sales price, organizational procedures are needed that report on the equity structure, as well as the systemic relationships that companies establish with the environment in which they are inserted, since any decision on sales price may cause changes in all areas of the companies and, consequently, in this relationship.


One of the four main elements of the marketing mix is ​​price. Price is an important strategic issue as it is related to product positioning. For its definition, it is necessary to know well the other elements of the marketing mix, such as other characteristics of the product, the decisions of distribution and promotion channels so that we can position it properly and thus have success in its market .

In our portfolio we offer the following Pricing consulting projects:

  • Analysis of the company's strategic positioning;

  • Analysis of the strategic positioning of distribution channels;

  • Analysis of the strategic positioning of products;

  • Cost allocation studies;

  • Pricing and analysis of the profitability of products and services;

  • Strategic cost management;

  • Implementation of costing systems;

  • Implementation of management cost systems (ABC, integral, absorption, RKW);

  • Pricing decision models.


If your company is having difficulty understanding your pricing process, cost strategy, market price positioning, please contact us!

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