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Main advantages of agile and Scrum methodologies


The agile methodologies, especially Scrum, have been winning in the corporate environment for bringing much more speed and productivity in projects, all this without compromising the quality of the product - on the contrary, adding even more value in its deliveries.

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O que são as metodologias ágeis e Scrum

Agile methodologies are directly linked to the universe of technology, because they emerged during the creation of software. Developers created methods so that the process could be as productive as possible. They were focused on project management and ended up conquering the world, reaching the corporate environment.

Examples of these methodologies are:

- Scrum;

- Kanban;

- Lean;

- Feature Driven Development (FDD);

- Extreme Programming (XP).

Scrum, the focus of our post, can be used in conjunction with other methodologies and is suitable for many projects, not just software-related ones. It is one of the most used methodologies today and is based on meetings that are held during the course of a project.

First all the activities linked to the project are listed and each one of them will be a sprint. In the sprint backlog phase, each activity - or functionality - is passed to a team that completes the task in about four weeks.

At the conclusion of each one a meeting is held in which the delivered material is discussed. This is how meetings are held until the project is completed. In addition, some characters are very important, such as the Scrum Master (who leads), for example.

What are the advantages of adopting this method in your company?


We cannot forget to mention the advantage that most catches the managers' attention: agility. The delivery of projects is much faster, without losing efficiency. Managers, staff, and clients alike are satisfied because of this speed of delivery.

Acompanhamento do cliente

A divisão em equipes e fases durante o processo colabora para que diversas entrega sejam feitas, de acordo com cada passo concluído. Isso possibilita um acompanhamento por parte do cliente, que pode ajudar a aperfeiçoar o projeto com base em suas necessidades.

Ease of planning the chronogram

With the design of all phases and details around the projects, it is possible to draw up a schedule for each phase, also collaborating to a better projection of costs. Thus, the company can better organize itself for each commitment with its client, stipulating costs and dates.

Higher quality delivery

The client's follow-up is part of the process, since in these methodologies the stages are created allowing the clients to be aware of everything. In this way, the delivery has much higher quality, since the customer, from the beginning, was present.

Product according to the client's wishes

The customer follow-up also allows for real-time feedback, helping to customize the product. So, the delivery to the customer already embraces the quality provided by your company and the customer's interference, producing according to what the customer wants.

The agile and Scrum methodologies bring a lot of advantages to your company, you just need to know its applications and, of course, train your team for this work format.

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