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Resource Capitation

Captação de Recursos

Fundraising and Private Equity

These types of investment are carried out by investment funds, mainly foreign ones, which seek opportunities to invest in privately-held Brazilian companies.

Private Equity funds focus on more mature companies while Venture Capital funds apply resources to new or very young companies, called “start-ups”.

These investors generally look for companies that are established in booming economic sectors or with strong indications of future growth.

Typically, Venture Capital funds apply values between US$1 million and US$5 million while Private Equity funds apply larger values, between US$5 and 30 million, although there are recent cases of large investments.

The funds, without exception, base their initial examination of any proposal on a "Business Plan" and Financial Projections for a future period of up to 7 years. To be successful, the strategy demonstrated in the "Business Plan" must be fully justified by the financial projections consistent, and these, in turn, must be supported by solid market assumptions.

Normally, to be able to raise funds from an investment fund, it is necessary to hire a specialist called a “Capital Raiser” or “Resource Raiser” who conducts the research and subsequent negotiation with investment funds.


Our Private Equity business division aims to assist companies in financing their growth plans.

Our experience in "Business Plans" is also extensive and we have partnerships with renowned companies in the area of Corporate Governance, an area closely linked to Fundraising.

In most cases, VALINI represents and is remunerated by the borrower. This support starts with the preparation of a "Business Plan", then going through the following phases:

  • Risk analysis;

  • Investment appraisal;

  • Project feasibility;

  • Support in financial, operational and strategic decisions;

  • The search for the investor;

  • Obtaining a letter of intent from the investor;

  • Constant contact with fund analysts;

  • The negotiation of the company's financial assessment;

  • The negotiation of the terms and conditions of the share purchase and sale agreements

  • Final disbursement of resources;

  • Assistance in management and governance.

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