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Management and Management Audit


Management Audit is the systematic analysis and evaluation of the general performance of a company's administration. It is a general investigation of the business areas of an organization in order to verify if the implemented management models are being followed.

The main objective is to analyze whether the company's current structure is prepared for its future goals, as well as verifying the possibilities of possible operational and strategic gains with the company's current structure.

Main objectives of the management audit:

• Improve management efficiency;
• Ensure the best use of resources;
• Point out deficiencies;
• Suggest methods for improving operations;
• Discover weaknesses in the internal control system;
• Helping management by providing signs of future problems;
• Anticipate problems and suggest solutions;
• Evaluate managerial performance;
• Evaluate plans and policies;
• Facilitate the evaluation of the performance of human resources at all levels.

Project steps:
Identification of Objectives
Detailing of objectives
Organizational Structure Assessment
Performance evaluation
Final report

Functional areas subject to audit:

  • Purchases

  • Production

  • Distribution

  • Personal

  • finance and accounting

  • Costs

  • Internal controls

  • Information systems

  • Strategy

  • Marketing

  • Sales

Auditoria de gestão
If your company has areas or activities that are not satisfactory, contact us and we will go to your company. Our work methodology will help you in reaching your goals.
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